It often won't cost you any add, and you've saved a few seconds. Advertisement The tap and go affluent has created a significant rise all the rage some retailers' debit card costs.

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Credit:Glenn Hunt We all know there are parts of the financial system anywhere banks aren't competing as fiercely at the same time as we'd like. If the major banks were competing fiercely to win the business of these retailers, you capacity think one of them would allow jumped at the chance to afford a less costly way of accepting tap-and-go payments from consumers. In actuality, choosing to tap-and-go instead of "dip and PIN" does result in altered costs for the retailers, because it means the payment goes through a different set of pipes — the credit card networks owned by Document or MasterCard. Accepting tap-and-go payments is probably good for retailers' businesses as of the time saved, so around is an argument they should compensate a bit extra for it. For now, some retailers have been pushing their banks for the option of carriage their tap-and-go payments through the eftpos system, instead of via Visa before Mastercard, because as mentioned above, it would save them significant sums. This may all sound obscure, but it's caught the eye of Treasurer Scott Morrison. Eftpos has released 20 million cards with contactless chips — Commonwealth Bank recently began sending them en route for customers — and it has terminals that take contactless payments covering 80 per cent of transactions.

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