The latter is super-difficult if you are planning to do a stealth administer. If you have 4, get individual person in the security room along with an ECM on the door after that kill the guard in there at the outset.

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This is the ultimate bank robbery - achieved by stealthy guile or harsh force. Do this nearer the aim of the hallway, away from the stairs into the store, as but a guard comes up, they capacity see the body or you. Cage recommended : Follow the first article from above. Once you have the amount you need, just go en route for the escape to finish. If administration with 2 or 3, then prioritise having one with a SAW after that 2 with inspire. Their body cannot be seen, so you can administer in, answer the pager and attache case them up. To get into the vault, you need 2 keycards which need to be inserted within 10 seconds of each other.

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Payday 2 Bank Heist Walkthrough

Acquire the minimum amount of paintings basic and escape. Modify it to able-bodied your play style using the additional 9 weapon modifications. Plant the 4 of them in the designated spots, then head back to where you found the storage room, which should now be open. How about a mask made of exclusive marble? Abide in the corner of the barrier and try to jump back after that right until you land on a higher ledge. That is, that but you shoot any of the beaker cases before using the manager's keycard to disable the silent alarms triggered by breaking them, you will be unsuccessful stealth, and this heist is a good deal harder and longer loud than it is in stealth. If it's not open, then the stairs are your safe place to sit until you are able to make a action. There is no real strategy so as to will work for this heist above and beyond simply defending your position well a sufficient amount.

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At once go down that alley on the left, be careful though as around is a guard that patrols at this juncture. Having a SAW just speeds ahead the process of opening the shutters in the trucks, as they be able to take a long time to accept the locks. By the stairs en route for the roof is a door which leads to the toilets. Payday 2: Crimewave Edition Walkthrough 6.

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6. Mission Walkthrough - Bain

A long time ago you have a few bags, accomplish sure you have found some crowbars maybe 2 at the very slight , then place down the at the outset ECM and start running through the warehouse grabbing everything and leaving it in the dumpster out the abut of the warehouse. Get in arrange to kill the tellers, throw along an ECM and kill everyone. Base shelf near windows. You need 12 bags of loot, there are A LOT of random spawns for altogether of this loot, some of it being very hard to reach concealed.

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Abide him out, answer the pager, after that bag the body and put it in a cubicle. Either way, you're moving 23 bags. There is denial real strategy that will work designed for this heist besides simply defending your position well enough. Assets: None basic Solo: So this heist is appealing easy, but may take a a small amount of attempts due to the random add up to of guards that can spawn arrange this map. Together with the Adult Bank job, you also get the Falcon Rifle and its weapon mods as well as four all-new masks, materials and patterns. I suggest you do the Bank Heist with friends, not just because it makes it easier, but also because it makes it so much easier.

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Artifact and Samurai Armor will slow you to crawling speed --Loadout: Weapons - No point in having armor before heavy weapons. You'll need the crowbar for this because most of the loot is in crates. Now, a different very essential part of the central of the bank is the collateral office. Light and concealed, faster you are the better. This mission takes a fair bit of time, at the same time as you need to move a battlement and 20 bags of ammo, accordingly you're in this one for the long haul. Climbing the ladder all the rage the left alley, propped against barrage towards warehouse. Plan your heists akin to never before with Preplanning Preplanning is a new feature that allows you to learn more about the affect, and plan out your perfect heist. I like to personally start at this juncture with the zip-line, as it agency I can get a few baggage guaranteed, but if I'm lucky, after that up to 6 bags on the best run I've seen.

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