Asking price data was fine for a a small amount of months, but it stopped displaying Facebook may reset this permission to acquire the cost data every few months.

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Apartment block lists are most commonly used designed for cultural or religious ads when it may not be appropriate to accept Facebook to display the ads athwart its full network. Create a "Link click" campaign on Facebook, which sends leads to a landing page. Add details here. Again, once the affair has approved your request for admission, start assigning people including yourself en route for work on the ad account. The length of each parameter value be able to be no more than characters. Facebook cost FAQs I can't see aged Facebook cost data in the AppsFlyer dashboard Upon performing the first Facebook admin login described above AppsFlyer receives Facebook's cost data up to 7 days retroactively for existing campaigns. The Cost Per Install is calculated as a result of dividing the total cost with the number of installs. When adding buyer pages to your Business Manager, abuse the next option instead. Then allot people from your team to build ads for it.

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Facebook cost data is only displayed all the rage the Overview dashboard for user achievement campaigns, and not for retargeting campaigns in the Retargeting dashboard. Facebook after that agencies Agencies and FMPs can administer and attribute Facebook campaigns on behalf of advertisers on AppsFlyer, or constant alongside the advertisers' own Facebook campaigns. The only raw clicks and impressions available in raw reports are those that resulted in installs. If you already have a Business Manager balance, navigate to the Security Center en route for activate this feature. Alternatively, you be able to ask the business to invite you as a partner to access their account.


Even if the total cost is identical, the eCPI AppsFlyer calculates is different as of the cost calculated by Facebook. All the rage addition, agencies can't alter Facebook lookback windows and retargeting control. Email 3K Shares Do you have more than one person handling your Facebook marketing? We get a lot of requests from agencies and entrepreneurs who are having problems with their ads accounts. What should you do if you want to switch the Facebook advert account, but have already linked the Facebook cost via AppsFlyer with your old ad account?

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